All softeners are equipped with a microprocessing control valve manufactured by the industry leader - Fleck. The valves automate the operation of the softeners and ease the maintenance of the system. We also offer optional centralised PLC control with Siemens Simatic S7-1200 PLC's.

Optional dosing systems for control of Chlorine, Biocides and others.

Automatic brine preparation.


Industrial water softeners






We offer industrial modular systems for water softening. These systems can be assembled according to the customer's needs from 1 to 4 columns. Each module is equipped with a control valve with microprocessor control NXT with networking capabilities. Each NXT module communicates with the others as in a computer network. All of the systems use volume dependant control and switch the vessels between regeneration and working position in a particular order. Regeneration is carried out in five cycles. The duration of the regeneration cycles and the frequency is set by the control panel of the specialized valve. The automatic preparation of the salt solution is provided by a specialized brine tank. Supplemental water adding is adjusted by the level control valve and is further limited in time. Additionally, our industrial softening systems can be equipped with PLC controllers Siemens Simatic S7-1200. This option allows for integration into other systems, greater operator control and visualization of parameters, conditions and emergency events on Touch-screens HMI's by Siemens.


Some of our industrial water softening systems


Specialised microprocessing control Fleck NXT
Optional PLC controllers Siemens*
Highest quality components
Completely automatic and autonomic operation

High quality salt for regeneration*
Additional protective backwash filters*
Residual and total hardness testers*





*Optional equipment

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