Professional systems with PLC control with Siemens Simatic controllers. The control system allows for visualization of working states and parameters and active operator control.

Nanofiltration membranes from the market leaders - Toray and Filmtec.

Pre-treatment with filters for multiple uses or automatic/manual backwash filters.Antiscalant dosing, water softener, etc.

Nanofiltration water treatment







Nanofiltration is a relatively new type of technology for the purification of water and is usually used for water with a lower total mineralization (TDS). Such waters are surface waters (lakes, rivers) and groundwater and their filtering through nanofiltration membranes allows for partial softening and desalination of the water. Nanofiltration is a technology that can be "graded" between ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis in terms of degree of water purification, and is particularly suitable for processing drinking water and in applications which require a partial desalination and softening of water.


We offer specialized nanofiltration systems based on customer's requirements


Professional systems designed around the customer's requirements.
Centralized PLC control with Siemens controllers
Premium quality pneumatic valves
Control and visualization of operational states and alarm events.

Automatic dosing systems (Antiscalant, biocides)
Conductivity, pH, pressure, etc. control.
Data archiving/BMS connection*





*Optional equipment

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