Professional systems with PLC control based on Siemens Simatic S7. The control system allows for visualisation of operation states in real time and active operator control.

Automatic dosing systems for chemical cleaning of the membranes. Antiscalant, biocide and others dosing.

Ultrafiltration modules by Inge (BASF) - Germany.

Ultrafiltration systems







The use of ultrafiltration water treatment for industrial and urban installations normally ensure retention rate less than 0,02 um. Ultrafiltration provides an absolute barrier against particles larger than the pore size, bacteria and smaller viruses, which are typically found in the feedwater. The mechanism of separation of the ultrafiltration and microfiltration membranes is different from a conventional means of water treatment. Media (sand, multimedia) filters have significantly higher nominal rate of retention and rely on the mechanism of filtration based on gravitation. Filtrate quality depends very much on the contamination of the feed water supply. Compared to conventional filter systems, ultrafiltration acts by a mechanism for surface cleaning resembling fine sieve with very uniform pore size. All particles with a size exceeding the size of the screen is retained by ultrafiltration (UF) membranes. To a greater extent the quality of the filtrate does not depend on the quality of the feed water. Therefore UF membranes meet the criteria for absolute filtration of water. Furthermore, ultrafiltration membranes are considerably more compact, allowing a high degree of automation, easy maintenance and have a much lower consumption of chemicals compared to conventional water treatment. Another advantage of the UF membranes is their long life. With proper operation and maintenance, their lifespan can exceed 10 years.


We offer speicialized systems based on customer request and needs.


Professional systems build around the customer's requirements
Centralized PLC control with Siemens controllers
Premium quality pneumatic valves
Control and visualization of parameters and alarm events*

Automatic cleaning and disinfection systems
Additional measurement devices*
Data archiving/BMS connection*




*Optional equipment

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