Optional PLC control with Siemens Simatic controllers for the US series UV systems. The control system allows for the visualization of parameters and alarm events.

Germicidal and amalgam UV lamps from LightTech (LightSources) - USA

Reliable and sturdy design - stainless steel housing

UV water disinfection systems







UV disinfection of water for technological needs: With UV disinfection, the fluid (water or other liquids) is irradiated with a special UV lamps operating under vacuum. These lamps are configured so that they produce UV-radiation in the UV-C spectrum - particularly with a wavelength of 254 μm. The DNA in all living beings has an adsorption capacity near this wavelength. If DNA is irradiated with radiation with wavelength of 254 μm, a photochemical reaction is induced and the DNA is inactivated. Thus, the metabolism in the body is brought to a complete block - no possibility of reproduction and the microorganisms are brought to a safe condition. The UV treatment does not change the taste or smell of the disinfected water, no chemicals are introduced in the water and the automated control provides maximum security. UV disinfection is an economical method for treatment, the systems are modular and thus expandable if necessary. Stainless steel reaction chamber and mounting components, UV (ultraviolet) control with high quality UVC sensor. Possible applications for UV disinfection of water are: decontamination of wash water in the bottling industry, disinfection of process water in the food industry, water disinfection in circulation circles and others.


We offer specialized  UV water disinfection systems.


Professional systems designed around the customer's requirements.
Electronic starting devices
High quality UV lamps from LightTech (LightSources) - USA
Centralized PLC control with Siemens controller*

Automatic UV intensity control
Stainless steel chamber
Protective quartz protection sleeves.





*Optional equipment

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