Professional systems with PLC control - Siemens Simatic controllers. The control system allows for visualzation of the system state , parameters and active operator control.

Automatic dosing systems for cleaning and disinfection of ultrafiltration and RO membranes. Antiscalant dosing, NaOCl dosing and others..

Apart from standard pretreatment, we also offer ultrafiltration modules, which allows for a filtration grade of the water down to 0.02 um.

Design of recirculation lines and tanks. Additional equipment of UV disinfection modules.

Reverse osmosis systems















The process of reverse osmosis is similar to the filtering of water through membrane filters. However, there are several key differences between reverse osmosis and filtration. The main mechanism for the removal of impurities in the filtering process is based on the permeability or permeability of an exact size of particles and theoretically this process can achieve complete removal of particulate matter, regardless of the operating parameters such as intake pressure and concentration. RO (reverse osmosis), in turn, uses diffuse mechanism and so the efficiency of the purification depends on the concentration of the input pressure and flow. In reverse osmosis, the water is "dripping" through the reverse osmosis membrane using high pressure and in this process the dissolved substances (impurities, organics, salt ions) remain on one side of the membrane, and the pure solvent (water) passes to the other side to the consumers. Reverse osmosis systems are widely used for the production of clean water in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, wastewater treatment, hemodialysis, desalination and many others.


We present to you specialized custom-made reverse osmosis systems.


Professional systems build according to the customers specification.
PLC control with Siemens industrial controllers
High quality pneumatic valves
Control and visualization of parameters, procedures and alarm events.

Automatic disinfection systems.
Ultrafiltration pretreatment modules.*
Frequency inverter pump control
Optional BMS communication



*Optional equipment

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